Can an Interior Designer Use Fake Roses?

by Kenny Wallace

Are you a home decorator or event decorator whose client needs roses as part of the decor? Well, a lot of people would prefer real roses because of their real looks and probably their smell. But, it has little longevity when plucked away from the plant. This is why artificial roses have become a good alternative to the real thing.

Fake roses are readily available all year round since they’re not dependent on weather conditions. You can use fake roses for your designs and decorations and still get them to give you the intended look you’re going for. This fact is possible and an even better choice for many reasons, which include durability and a few for. Most people would prefer artificial roses as interior décor since it takes the stress of grooming the real thing away. That’s getting the aesthetic feel of having beautiful roses around but not having to worry about it withering.

The article gives an overview of what these artificial roses are made from and the advantage they have over real roses.

What are fake roses made of?

The main production material of an artificial rose is silk. There are a few other things that complete the composition and make these roses turn out beautifully. However, silk remains one of the primary materials used, especially for the petals to give it a smooth feel to the touch. Manufacturers use silk because it is light and portrays the looks of an original rose. Other materials might give the direct opposite result of what silk would do.

Using artificial roses

As an interior designer, you can use fake roses to make your designs for decorations or whatever reason you need them. It is effective for every design, even better than the original rose for designing purposes. It means, as a designer, artificial roses are the best to work with rather than the original ones.

Why fake roses are better than real roses for designers

There are a few reasons artificial roses are better for designers. The following are the reasons:

The duration of the design

When you make a design, you want it to stay viable for a long time or at least see through the event. As we know, plants start dying when you cut them out of their life source, so real roses will not be durable for any design.

Strength of the design

Your design has to be strong because it will go through stress from touching and pulling. Real roses will pull off or cut if it goes through half of what fake roses go through. It shows that artificial roses are better than real roses for designs.


Fake roses are best for designs and decorations, and a designer can use them. Manufacturers make it out of silk so it is durable, even more than real roses. Also, artificial roses are stronger than fake roses, which makes them perfect for you to work with as a designer.

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