Tips for Caring for a Potted Christmas tree

by Kenny Wallace

Every Christmas, a lot of people are filled with the need and desire to purchase and own a potted Christmas tree. If this sounds like what you want, then you can easily opt for the Co-Arts Innovation Ceramic Christmas Tree. Owning a potted Christmas tree requires that you provide some tender loving care to it, especially if you have plans of leaving it in your home garden after Christmas is over.

Therefore, in this guide, you will learn how to keep your potted Christmas tree in good condition.

Caring for Your Potted Christmas tree – What You Should Know

1. Choose the Right Potted Christmas tree

While it’s beautiful to own a potted Christmas tree, it’s often difficult to choose the best one you need. If your potted Christmas tree must remain in a good condition for a long time, then you need to ensure that you’re taking a great approach towards choosing the right one.

Whether you have a real or artificial potted Christmas tree, you must seek the consultation of a qualified garden. This is to seek their counsel on the best wood that will fit the climate you’re in. Also, find out if your Christmas tree was dug up and potted, or was initially grown in a container.

2. Keep it Indoor

It’s recommended that you keep your potted Christmas tree inside the house. Ideally, you should bring it into the house a weekend before the Christmas celebration. However, make sure that the plant doesn’t exceed 12 days indoors as long as it’s still living.

3. Check the Soil

One of the best ways to keep your potted Christmas tree in check is to ensure that the soil is tender every day. This will help it not to dry out. Regardless of the size of the tree, it is, always check as there could be less soil in it.

4. Avoid Too Much Watering

Unlike what most people think, watering the plants now and then can cause more harm than good. It may cause it to die before it’s time. How? “Trench foot” may occur and the leaves will turn to brown color and fall off in the process.

This means that before thinking of overwatering the plant, you should make sure that there’s enough drainage to help absorb excess water.

5. Location

The last thing that you should put in place for your plant is its location. The potted Christmas tree should be kept at the right spot, in your garden. Preferably, they should be placed in a place with lots of shelter as this helps to cool and keep it in moist conditions. During the hot summer weather, avoid keeping it directly under the sunlight. And if there’s an occurrence of dry spells, ensure that it’s well watered.

Final Thoughts

There it is! If you’re hoping to invest in potted Christmas trees soon, this guide has mentioned important steps that will help you to get good value for your money.

So, make the move as soon as you can.

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