Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Cell Phone Stand Holder

by Kenny Wallace

A mobile phone stand is designed to make streaming movies and taking selfies quite easier. That is because you do not have to place your smartphone on a flat surface. Also, you will not be worried about whether the phone will fall off. You should note that phone tripods help keep the phone in the right place. You should note that ATUMTEK phone stand holders are popular with selfie enthusiasts and vloggers.

Uses of Phone Stand Holders

Streaming Videos

As you know, it is quite cumbersome having to hold the smartphone to watch movies. In any case, you want to relax and enjoy watching your favorite movies. With a tripod for holding the phone, you can have a comfortable viewing angle. Moreover, you should not be concerned about your expensive smartphone slipping off a wall or book. The holder will ensure your smartphone is always in place.


As a vlogger, you may need to do a lot of things with your hands. Thus, it is necessary to have the phone steady. With the phone stand, you do not have to re-adjust the angle. Moreover, you should not be concerned about having to editing videos as your smartphone can easily slide off. In addition, if you are creating content in low lighting conditions, it is advisable to ensure it is steady to prevent taking blurry shots.

Taking Selfies

You do not have to hire a cameraman. What you require is a wireless remote and timer, and you can easily take off the photos with your friends and yourself easily. With the phone stand holder, you can get the perfect angle and take your pictures.

Choosing Phone Stand Holders


This is an important thing you must consider. Ideally, you ought to ensure that your smartphone is compatible with the tripod. Remember that most tripods are adjustable and can fit any given smartphone. If you are planning to use the camera tripod as the smartphone tripod, ensure you choose the right phone mount. That is because a smartphone mount can be adjusted thanks to its screw mechanism.

Storage and Portability

If you want to carry the phone, stand with you, then get a portable one. Remember that tripods are foldable but quite heavy. Ensure you check whether the phone stand you choose is travel-friendly and easy-to-carry. After every use, ensure the tripod you choose has a carrying bag or case that can offer protection from the dust. Always ensure your tripod is dry before you store it to prevent rusting.


You should note that your phone stand holder requires maintenance. It is advisable to avoid exposing it to many elements. However, if you like using it in adverse weather conditions, then you need to keep it dry after use. Remember that storing your phone holder with moisture will make it deteriorate and rust faster. You can also wipe off the moisture from the base and legs before you place it in the carrying case. Regularly give your phone stand holder a deep cleaning. For instance, you can disassemble it and get rid of all grime and dirt.

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