What Is A 5×5 Closure Wig?

by Kenny Wallace

The beauty market is a wide field with everything that fits everyone anytime anywhere. In other words, I mean there is always something for everyone. Looking good is every woman’s desire and wish and with the right materials and accessories, it is not hard to achieve that. For people who find beauty and confidence in wearing wigs, their main point of consideration and concern is the construction of the cap. The application of glue to attach a wig to the head is not an easy task because of some wigs comers with it.

The choice of a wig depends on what someone prefers and therefore, a 5×5 closure wig is also loved by many ladies across the globe. What is a 5×5 closure wig? Are you asking yourself this question? Well, the answer is that it is a kind of closure wig whose area of the lace part is 5 inches wide and 5 inches long. Just like the other type of wigs, this closure wig is preferred by a big number of individuals. 5×5 closure wigs have features of their own which you are going to explorer from this guide.

Features of 5×5 Closure Wigs

5×5 closure human hair wig is quite new in the market and has been received well by a big number of buyers. The following are features of this particular type of wig.

Cap Construction

It has a handmade lace area of 5×5 and the closure wig is 5×5 inches. It is quite small as compared to the 13×6 lace front wig. The advantage it has is that it is easier to handle and if you are a beginner, this is the most- friendly wig to handle.

Parting Space

The 5×5 lace closure wig has no limitations when it comes to partying the middle but you consider being keen to not expose the edges.


Having a 5×5 inches lace, it covers your forehead resulting in a natural and beautiful hairline.

Why You Need A 5×5 Lace Closure

The cost of 5×5 lace closure is quite affordable as compared to other wigs. It will therefore meet your budget when you need it. The size of 5×5 lace is very appropriate as it covers your forehead properly. The accurate size is not too big or too small.

How Can A 5×5 Lace Closure Wig Work Without Glue?

Since there is no guarantee of skin safety from wigs with glue, the following are steps you can follow to put on a 5×5 lace closure glue without it.

  • Cut the excess part
  • Wear a wig cap and create a grip
  • Do adjustments till the wig fits your head

For a more natural look, you can lay baby hair and in case you are not sure if it can slide off, just apply some glue on the lace part only to stabilize it.

Having seen what 5×5 lace wigs are and some of their features after going through this article, do you want to purchase the best 5×5 lace closure? Choose lolly hair solution and enjoy the beauty that awaits.

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