Best Affordable DIY Subwoofer Kits for Large Rooms

by Kenny Wallace

Subwoofers are majorly for amplifying sound quality. Recent innovations have seen the emerging of wireless and less bulky subwoofers suitable for your large spaces. A powerful subwoofer will be relevant to a large room to handle the room’s varying acoustic and produce quality sound. Getting the perfect subwoofer for your ample space may not be a walk in the park. But remember, you can also acquire DIY speaker components and work on your Sub speaker to your tailor needs.

Below is a compilation of quality and affordable subwoofers suitable for your home stereo.

1. Yamaha NSW050BL

It is a Yamaha brand, black and suitable for keyboard instruments. It is characterized by a stylish look, a dynamic power of 100W, and an advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology II. The technology feature includes a twisted flare port. It is an 8-inch cone subwoofer; this feature enables it to meet a large room’s needs by producing a powerful bass. Its challenge is the fact it has a one-line input, RCA Jack. It is compatible with PSR Yamaha models. It weighs approximately 21.8 pounds. It can be bought on Amazon even though it is currently out of stock. Plans are underway to restock it.

2. Acoustic Audio PSW-10

PSW-10 is an acoustic audio subwoofer by Goldwood. It is black and a 10-inch speaker LFE Front Firing subwoofer model perfect for your home theatre. It easily connects to your home theatre subwoofer output due to a standard RCA input. Remember, it has an additional auto-sensing on and off a signal, that allows power saving even though there have been raised complaints about the auto feature. Its peak power is 400 watts, and it has a frequency response range of 25Hz to 250 Hz. Lastly, it has removable transparent acoustic grills; this subwoofer is available on Amazon for $146, excluding shipping fees.

3. Klipsch R-10SW

Klipsch is a high-performance R-10SW outdoor speaker model supported by a digital amplifier that delivers 300Watts of power and a front-firing driver. It is a 10inch speaker size, brushed black vinyl in color. It has line inputs that are compatible with all receivers. It is the best fit for music and movies. It has a lower pass cross-over and phase control, although it has issues with the overall control. This sound master is going for $219.95 on Amazon minus shipping fees.

4. Sony SACS9

Sony SACS9 is a 115W amplified subwoofer compatible with high-resolution audio. It is black with a 10-inch speaker size that is Foamed-Mica cellular reinforced subwoofer. It has a speaker and line-level inputs and a frequency response of 28Hz to 200Hz. It comes with an RCA cord and an instruction manual. It is most suitable for movies and not music. Available on Amazon for $198.00.

5. Polk Audio PSW10

It is quite affordable and blends its performance with its compact size. It is perfect for games, music, and movies. Meaning it is powerful enough to handle large rooms. It is a single 10 inch black in color subwoofer with an AC power source. Designed with a high current built-in amplifier for quality bass. It can play too high-volume levels but ensure you prevent extended exposure to volumes higher than 85 decibels.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to know how to choose a subwoofer kit or even DIY speaker components in a flooded market. That way, you can also settle for an original brand that will serve you for years before breaking down. You can always refer to this blog post for the best options.

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