Dislikes on YouTube: How You Can Avoid Many Of Them

by Kenny Wallace

As a YouTuber, it’s almost impossible not to get dislikes on your YouTube videos. But you can always ensure that one thing still stands at the end of the day – that you get more likes than dislikes in your content. But how is this possible?

Avoiding many dislikes on your videos is an achievable task when you get yourself acquainted with the necessary tips needed to win the hearts of your audience over. Here’s a guide that will help to walk you through this Procedure.

How to avoid many dislikes on your YouTube videos

Dislikes help are great on videos but you can stop your YouTube video from having a lot of them. Below is a list of how you can effectively avoid this:

1. Understand your audience

Knowing and understanding the audience that you’re creating for is the best way to kick off the progress of your channel. Before you start, make sure that you:

  • Define their ideal personality
  • Have a clear idea of their age group
  • You understand what their hobbies are like.

These are some of the things to hear in mind. Ensure that you don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have it all figured out; always research your audience.

2. Be straight to the point

Nobody ever likes to have their time wasted. As a YouTuber, you should ensure that the first few minutes of your YouTube video gives out the reason for that content you’re about to share. Failure to do might get your audience to think that you are trying to toy with them; this is what you must avoid.

3. Create a plan for each video

In order not to waste your time and also that of your audience, you must make sure that the plan for each of your videos is strictly outlined. You should always do this before shooting as it helps you perfectly detect what’s missing and what’s not missing in the video. In other words, it enables you to make corrections on time. Things that you should have planned out ahead of products include;

  • List the different shots that you will be needing
  • A storyboard of the shots
  • Several prop lists to cover all scenes
  • B-roll

4. Express energy

Everyone who takes the pain of clicking your video expects that they want you to meet. This is more reason why studying your ideal audience is important. Each video should have whom they are directed to. When you wear and express the right kind of emotions, it’s possible to get your audience glued to your YouTube video.

Remember, you’re on camera and you can’t afford to ruin this at this point. Research your competitors, see what they are doing, and probably learn from them.

5. Don’t force yourself to beat the system

There will be a lot of pressure on you to get your videos optimized, rank your channel higher, be the people’s first choice, and whatnot. When this happens, do not yield to it. Focus on your keywords research for your YouTube videos, create content consistently, and watch your channel grow better.


Seeing your YouTube video receive lots of applause can be a source of encouragement that you’re doing so well. That’s the reason why this list has been created to give you the necessary tips that you need to scale through!

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