Customizable Rolling Trays: Why need them and How To Choose Them?

by Kenny Wallace

Ever needed to roll a blunt or joint and couldn’t find a decent place to do it? These customizable rolling trays are one of those items you never think about until you need them the most. What’s special about them is that you can have them customized with prints about anything. They also come in sizes that make them easy to use and can fit into any space.

Why are rolling trays so important?

There are a couple of reasons to think of why you probably would need to have a rolling tray. Rolling trays give you total control on the size of your blunt. Think of it this way; you get to decide on how long, fat, short, or thin you need it to be. Don’t get it wrong if you prefer to buy one already rolled but these trays offer more control to make your preferred sizes.

These rolling trays also offer a clean and flat surface to work on. This way you wouldn’t have doubts about the hygiene of rolled joints. Now, you have them prepared on a clean surface. What’s more? They have raised edges to prevent spills and wastage of the herb. So, say goodbye to messy rolls of the past.

These rolling trays also serve as a store area for all your rolling accessories. Even if you get a simple, flat tray, you could just place all accessories on it and know exactly where they are at all times. Yet, some customizable rolling trays come with different compartments to hold differently-sized accessories. Either way, they keep them safe.

Two factors to consider when choosing the perfect rolling trays?

There’s no need beating about the bush on this one, the first thing to consider should be:


When it comes to rolling trays, size closely relates to the function. If you’re looking for a rolling tray to use on the go, you’ll be settling for a smaller-sized tray than someone looking to use it at home or in a fixed location. If you need a bit of room on your tray when rolling, a larger size tray would be a better fit. The average preferred size of your joints would also matter. Love to keep things rolled short? You’re better off with a smaller tray than if you like it long.

Tray material

The construction material of any item speaks volumes about the durability and possible usability of the product. Rolling trays are made from different materials with each having their advantages and drawbacks.

Metals have better durability and are priced accordingly. You won’t have to bother about tears and breaks, at most, you’ll get dents. However, stains are harder to come off metal surfaces. They are also easily subject to rust, unless they’re galvanized or metal alloy.

Plastics are an affordable option but their durability is always in question. One wrong handling and they’re broken right down the middle. Then there’s the glass option. It’s more fancy and all but not as durable. The same goes with ceramic. Then wood is more versatile but is relatively more expensive and heavier.

The point is, there are many options to go with to meet all needs.


Customizable rolling trays are popular because they add beauty to the function they serve. Customizable rolling trays are more than just a tray to roll your joints on. They come in handy in so many situations. Decide on the size and material and get a good custom rolling tray manufacturer to print your favorite image for a little price.

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