How to choose the best air purifier for a larger area

by Kenny Wallace

Getting the right air purifier is not as easy as many people think. If you have a big house, you should get an air purifier for large areas that works. Most of the purifiers for such a huge space will cost you an arm and a leg, and it makes sense if you can get a purifier that works efficiently. Getting the best air purifier for a larger area means taking your time to go through all the features the purifier has. Without doing this, you will have something that will not work efficiently. To help you in your research, here are the main pointers to keep in mind.

1. The appropriate room size

The purifier needs to clean the air in the room several times each hour. When you go to buy the purifier, you will be told how big of a room it can clean. Know the sizes of your room to help you compare the filters to it. You can ask around for different purifiers and their efficiency.

2. Their filters

The filters of the purifiers you get will greatly determine the experience you have with them. There are five different filtration technologies in the market, and they all work differently. Ensure that the filter you pick not only uses good filtration technology but that it also does not emit harmful ozone in the house. If you want it to absorb odors, it is also important that you get filters that can absorb the odors as well. All these features will be dependent on the type of filters that is in the purifier.

3. Noise level

If you plan to put the filter in your bedroom while you sleep, you need to get silent purifiers. They will ensure that you can sleep all night without any major interruptions. Every purifier works with a slight hum which will vary based on the size and model of the purifier. Since large purifiers tend to be loud, getting the one with noise cancelation will come in very handy for you.

4. Electricity costs

Purifiers run all day and night, meaning you will feel the implications on your electricity bill. Even with this, some models have energy efficiency, which goes a long way to cut down on the money you pay. Ask to know what the power consumption is before you buy the purifier.

5. Warranty

Get a warranty for your purifier. A purifier for a large room does not come cheap, and as such, you need to be assured of the period you will get to use it. Besides being a great show of the quality of the purifier, it will go a long way in ensuring that you can get free servicing whenever there is a problem.


Getting the right air purifier is a good thing for your home. You can sit back and breathe in the fresh air without worry. Many companies claim to have the best air purifier, but that is subject to discussion. Knowing the right purifier will go to great lengths to ensure you get one that works efficiently for you.

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