How to remove a hose from a hose reel

by Kenny Wallace

Gardening with hose has never been better with hose reels. With them by your side, you can reach everywhere spot in your garden. You can also be sure that you will not be damaging your hose in the future. If they are retractable hose reels, even better! Hose reels seem to be the answer to pretty everything.

However, sometimes, hose reels will need to be repaired. This means that you might have to remove your hose from the hose reel. This is different from installing your hose on a hose reel. If you are struggling to find an easy installation hose reel product, you should check that link.

However, if you want to learn how to remove your hose from the hose reels, then you are in the right article.

How to successfully remove a hose from a hose reel

The first thing you need to do is to pull the hose out to the limit. This makes the work way easier for you once it is out and spread out. This means only a minimum part of the hose will be on the hose reel.

If you are using a retractable hose reel, you should lock your retraction wheel to avoid it sliding right back at you.

The next step will be to remove the viewing panel. This is done to make it easy to execute the removal of the hose from the hose reel.

Make sure that bars that lock the hose reel are securely placed in one of the holes. Once this is confirmed, it will be time to remove the clamp.

The clamp is what holds the hose right back in the hose reel. Unscrew it completely before setting it aside. Also, make sure that you remove the plastic clip that is present in the connector.

Once you do this, you should be ready to detach the hose from the hose reel.

What if I want to place my hose back into the hose reel?

If your hose reel has been repaired, then all you have to do is to take the same steps in reverse mode. This will get you back to the original position. However, if you have a new hose reel and want to install it, then you should follow the installation process in the manual of the hose reel.

This is because each brand might have its best practices for installing their hose heels. It’s always a good idea to follow these ideas completely.

Where do I get a hose reel replacement?

There are many places where you can get hose reels. A great place to start will be at giraffe tools. They have some of the best hose reels around. You should probably check them out.


Hose reels are important for gardening. However, it can be stressful dealing with the technical parts of this tool. Following the tips in this article should make the process a lot easier to deal with.

That should set you on your way to using your hose for gardening once again.

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