Puppy Potty Training Mistakes to Avoid

by Kenny Wallace

There are various things you need to teach your puppy. These include how to play, rollover, and more. However, there are other things that dog owners ought to train their dogs – to relieve themselves. This is where potty training comes. This is the first thing you need to do when you get a new puppy. Unfortunately, the process can turn out to be quite frustrating and difficult. It is unfortunate that people make puppy potty training mistakes that reverse all the gains they have made. You should not allow the mistakes to make the process harder.

Punishing Your Puppy

Most pet owners think that punishing their dog whenever it makes mistakes is the best way of rectifying it. Unfortunately, punishing your puppy for potty mistakes does not help. Remember that your dog is the best friend. Therefore, when it causes an accident, you should not beat it up or yell at it.

Remember that your puppy does not know whether it is a mistake to do its business inside your house. Therefore, it does not get ashamed even if you catch it in the act. Punishing your puppy confuses it further into thinking that using a potty is wrong. Also, it can be afraid of you, and this is not something you want to happen. Rather than punishing your puppy whenever an accident occurs, you should reward it.

Giving It Too Much Freedom

The truth is that puppies are adventurous and curious. Therefore, you may need to give it time to know its new home. As a result, it might start exploring the entire compound. Since the puppy has a tiny bladder, it cannot hold for quite long. Also, puppies are not sure whether it is good to pee inside a pot. Therefore, if you give your puppy a lot of freedom, it can mess up. You need to supervise and control it.

Cleaning Up Accidents Thoroughly

Whenever the puppy pees in the house, there is a chance that you should take the right steps to have it cleaned. In any case, you do not want the puppy to pee in your home. That is because it can become quite harder to clean up, and if you cannot take it right away, it may soak deep into your padding. However, cleaning it thoroughly can do more harm to your potty training than good. When cleaning up the accidents, use products that are friendly to your puppy.

Not Consulting Experts

This is one of the common puppy potty training mistakes most pet owners commit. You ought to understand that puppies can make mistakes without knowing whether they are committing mistakes. You may also think you know everything about taking care of your puppy. However, it is advisable to consult experts as they can help you know how to avoid these mistakes and prevent accidents during puppy potty training sessions.

When you consult your vet, you can make the entire puppy potty training process quite manageable. Also, you ought to use top quality mats. Remember that these mats are designed to offer adequate protection and are ultra-absorbent.

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