How to Access and Enjoy SmartBox Privileges

by Kenny Wallace

PPV events are pretty rare occurrences. Every once in a while, an event that has us at the very edge of our seats is aired. Apart from being at the location of the vent in person, the next best option would be to view the event in realtime. Cable TV makes this possible, but you only get this privilege as long as you remember to subscribe to that event. But with SmartBox Privileges through IPTV subscription, you do not have to worry about re-subscribing every month or every year.

With an IPTV subscription, you pay just once. Subsequently, you get to enjoy the thrill of a lifetime of PPPV events from the very comfort of your home. For those who are not aware, PPV events refer to Pay-Per-View events. How is this possible? Even if it is possible, is it legal?

SmartBox Privileges-IPTV Subscription

Through the use of IPTV subscription boxes, you can now stream more than one thousand channels in realtime while enjoying the comfort of your home. The most unique aspect of IPTV subscriptions is that they last for a lifetime. Yup, subscribe once and forget about subscribing again for a very long time.

It would be easy to think along the lines of, “there is surely a catch that makes the concept of the IPTV subscription not worth the effort”. Some might assume that the lifetime of no subscription would cover only a few channels. But how about a few facts about IPTV subscriptions so far?

There are more than 3000 IPTV channels that could be gotten or accessed via your SuperBox IPTV box. These 3000 channels are made up of a variety of all kinds of channels. We have at the very least, 1000 HD channels among the more than 3000 channels mentioned. The recent IPTV boxes however ensure that all channels are or can be displayed in 6K Ultra HD.

The channels being aired are popular channels which display the latest reality TV shows, recent movies as well as the latest news and sports programs. There are also many channels dedicated to kids. The variety present in these channels is to ensure that regardless of who are subscribers are, they would find something that fits their tastes. This means that at SuperBox we fine-tune our channel selection process in order to be able to satisfy you our subscribers (or at the very least potential subscribers).

How is Access to these SmartBox Privileges Obtained?

You could access our wide number of stream-worthy channels by simply purchasing your very own SuperBox IPTV box today. There are various types of IPTV boxes, more specifically, two types. For this year, we have the SuperBox S1 Pro and S1 Plus. Immediately after purchasing the boxes, you already have access to these channels. At that point, you can begin enjoying all of the channels for free.


In conclusion, there are lots of SmartBox privileges just waiting for you to exploit. However, you need to first get yourself a SmartBox. These SmartBox IPTV boxes are relatively cheap. With $299, you can enjoy an awesome bouquet of channels that brighten up your free time.

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