Experts predict that 12 hair colors will be popular in 2022

by Kenny Wallace

Do you want to try out various wig hair colors but aren’t sure if blondes have more fun? Do you require hair color suggestions? Or do you just want to learn about the numerous hair color trends that are now available and projected to become popular?

If you want to change your style and go with platinum blonde, a ginger wig, or just add dimension to your natural hue with highlights, switching up your hairstyle with a different wig color is one of the simplest ways to reboot your appearance.

Fortunately, there are alternatives for every natural foundation color, taste, and way of life. Lazy people, don’t worry; your wants will also be satisfied in 2022. Here are the hair colors that will be very popular in the new year, ranging from blondes and coppers to pinks and browns.

Rich brunette (or expensive brunette)

Many blonde celebrities, like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber, have traded in their blonde hair for a gorgeous brown hair color in the last year, and we predict more to follow in their footsteps in 2022.

Golden Copper Red

This year’s color of the year is Golden Copper Red, which has been slowly rising all year. In fact, the sky is simply becoming brighter. This color is popular among those who wish to make a big statement.

White in the Winter

With salons reopening, expect to see more brightly colored blondes this year. Though everyone may get this hue with enough bleach, experts recommend it primarily for individuals with lighter natural hair colors due to the severe nature of the treatment.

Subtle Face Framing

A delicate facial frame is a gentler spin on last year’s big highlights. A brighter hue directly around your face will draw focus to your eyes without drawing attention to any severe lines. To get the effect, request a facial frame with color melting and keep the ends out to maintain the brightness.

Fine Lines

The strong highlights of last year have been replaced with subtler, more natural-looking highlights. Ask for a blend of tightly braided highlights and lowlights for a brilliant blonde. Request highlights to verify that the parts are not bulky and are well blended. This works well on short and medium hair lengths and looks wonderful on our want tube blondes all year, particularly throughout the cold months.

Glow of Mahogany

Tints of red—from peaches to entire pumpkin spice hair—were hot in 2021, and they’re not going away this year. Mahogany glow is the most recent variant of the trend, and it’s perfect for dark hair.

Black as night (or Jet-black)

Black is a difficult color to go awry with, and jet-black is a popular hair color. This dark shade of black has cool tones due to light reflection and gives a beautiful shine to your wig. Not to mention it’s stylish and constantly trendy, so a jet-black hairpiece has always been a great investment!

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