How to Know A Fake Human Hair Wig When You See them

by Kenny Wallace

Human hair wigs are nothing short of beautiful and convenient when worn. This, however, is only applicable when applied to original human hair wigs. The duration of use and feel of the original product is something fakes cannot replace. Human hair wigs is every woman’s dream.

The fake human hair wigs are unfortunately a large part of the wig market today. Substandard products have become so commonplace. At this point, it is easier to mistake a fake wig for the original stuff than to get the latter. We will be outlining 5 tried and trusted means of identifying fake human hair wigs.

Top Markers for Fake Human Hair Wig

1. Feel

 The feel or texture of fake human hair wigs is so different from the original stuff. Generally, human hair wigs are similar to human hair in texture. They are soft and mostly easy to handle. But the fake stuff is anything but.

A tip to our readers, stroke the hair strands. Natural hair feels smooth and sleek when stroked downward. But is stroked upward, it should feel rough. This is as a result of scales.

If one is not quite sure what the real deal feels like, ask a friend or trusted hairdresser. If however, one decides to use online stores getting a feel is obviously impossible. In this scenario, it would be best to use a trusted manufacturer.

2. Worth

 Real human hair wigs could cost anywhere from as low as $100 to as high as $500 (USD). Of course, some cost higher than this. If a wig deal is discovered and it is too cheap, do not buy. If a deal is unreasonably cheap, that is just what it is. Unreasonable.

If a wig deal seems too good to be true, it most likely is. In such a scenario, it would be best to walk away. Before committing to such a deal, it must be a trusted manufacturer. Additionally, the refund policy should be transparent.

3. The extent of Tangle

It is normal for natural hair wigs to tangle a bit. After all, whose hair does not tangle a bit sometimes? But when the tangle becomes excessive, it is most likely a fake human hair wig.

4. Excess Shedding

Care tip for readers, make use of wide teeth combs for your wigs. If the wig sheds unreasonably, it is fake. A real human hair wig should shed just a little bit.

5. Burn Smell

Last but not least, the test smell. This test is obviously done after the wig has been purchased. If a strand or two are burnt and they smell like rubber, definitely not real.


These are few trustworthy tips for identifying fake human hair wigs. Anytime, any day these tips can assist in not dropping a “rock on one`s foot”. Now, every reader can identify fake wigs and avoid them.

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