How To Select Efficient Above Ground Pool Pumps?

by Kenny Wallace

The above-ground pool pumps need to be quiet, efficient, safe, and easy to operate. If you wish to purchase one, then it is crucial to prioritize efficiency. An efficient pool pump performs its duties effectively without constant breaks down or problems. To learn more about pool pumps efficiency, visit Furthermore, if you wish to learn more about how to select efficient above ground pool pumps, below are some tips;

How to select efficient above ground pool pumps

1. Check the pump’s energy ratings

The energy rating of an above-ground pool pump is crucial in comparing its running costs and energy efficiency. Therefore, to ensure you buy an energy-efficient pool pump, get one that is rated at five stars minimum. The highest energy rating in the market currently is at eight stars. Each star demonstrates 20% energy-saving costs.

Therefore, the more stars an above-ground pool pump has, the more energy-efficient it will be; therefore, low running costs. Furthermore, to obtain the best pump in the market, you can compare the energy ratings of different brands and get the most energy-efficient. The vital point to note is that the energy-efficient above-ground pool pump is expensive at first, but in the end, the energy savings pay off.

2. Check the flow rate ratings

Different above-ground pool pumps have different flow rate ratings. Generally, they are rated using Gallons Per Minute (GPM). To determine the GPM, you require, divide your pool’s volume by eight; because pumps generally run for eight hours in one day. After that, divide the answer you got by 60 minutes.

For example, if your pool is 24,000 gallons dividing it by eight will give you 3000 gallons. Then divide by 60 minutes to get 50 gallons per minute. It means that your above-ground pool pump should be able to circulate at a flow rate of 50GPM.

3. Check the pump’s horsepower

For efficient water circulation, it is crucial to have an above-ground pool pump with more horsepower. The critical point to note is that the amount of horsepower you need in your pump depends on your pool’s size, filtration system’s pipes, and filter.

A three-horsepower pump works well with a three-inch pipe, but the three-horsepower pump may be a waste of money and energy for a small pool. Therefore, for efficiency, ensure to select a pump that is perfect for your filtration system. At the same time, ensure the horsepower is sufficient to circulate your pool water adequately.

4. Consider a variable speed pump

Variable speed pumps are highly rated since they are more efficient than other speed pumps in the market. They run at slower speeds, therefore, ensure proper filtration, efficiency, and energy-saving.


An efficient pool pump will ensure you get to enjoy the services offered. Additionally, efficient pool pumps will ensure that the running and maintenance costs are minimal. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the pool pump you purchase serves your needs effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, the above points can guide you on how to select an efficient pool pump.

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