The Different Types of Snooker or Pool Sticks

by Kenny Wallace

There are various types of a pool cue in the market, and they differ based on what kind of game you are playing. The main difference lies in the cue tip width, the ferrule, and the type of wood.

Purchasing the right cue for your table is quite vital, particularly when the cues differ greatly.

Why Pool or Snooker Cues Differ?

The size and weight of cue balls differ in every game, which is the main reason why snooker cues differ. The cue balls will depend on what game you are playing. A snooker ball measures around 2 1/16 inches. An English cue ball measures at 1 7/8 inches. The American cue ball is around 2 ΒΌ inches in diameter.

To have better control of the game, you have to choose the right pool stick. Just imagine how hard it is to control an American cue ball having a small tip. You probably not be able to hit the cue balls properly.

The English Pool Cue

Most of the English pool stick is made of ash wood, giving the cue a noticeable grain. The ferrule is made of brass for more power, and a coarse leather tip for better grip. This type of pool cue tends to have the thinnest bodied cue of various types with the smallest tip, usually measuring around 8-9 mm wide.

The Snooker Cue

This type of cue is designed using ash wood, similar to the English cue. The tip of this cue is 9-10mm coarse leather to make it compatible with the cue ball size. The ferrule is made of durable stainless steel for strength.

The American Pool Cue

The American pool stick is made of a maple wood, which gives the cue the light color. The tip of this stick is a 13-14mm coarse leather tip; it is supported by thick plastic ferrule to give the cue shock-absorbing features. It is perfect for hitting the bigger, heftier American cue ball.

Pool Sticks Common Features

Pool sticks may have several differences, but there are also some similarities.

One is the tip. Every cue uses a leather tip that is coarse to the touch. It is designed to be rough so that the chalk will adhere to the tip. Chalk would easily slide off if it has a rough edge. Some cues use different tips depending on their function.

All types of cues have segmented design, which can be separated by removing the screw for easier storage and carrying.

The facts and information about the various types of pool sticks can help you decide which one will suit you best. You can find one online, or you check out some of the sports stores near your area. Learn more about these cool pool sticks in Snooi. You can visit their site and find out which type of pool or snooker cues will fit you best.

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