The key steps to clean the dirt off your car

by Kenny Wallace

Cleaning your car can be a problem if you are not using the right types of products. When you are cleaning a car, washing the windows can be a challenge. The household cleaners that some people use more often don’t do the magic for you. They can permanently damage the finishes of your car. The best method and product if you don’t have a specialized product for the purpose is a window cleaner. If the window cleaner is specifically made for car windows, it would be the best option.

Wash the car with soap and water

When you have washed the windows, you can go on to wash the entire car with a bucket of soap and a bucket of clean water. Soap the surface of the car and then apply water on the surface of the car to give it the finishing touch. The tires ought to be soaped and cleaned at the end. If you can use a separate bucket of soap and water for the tires, it is the best practice because tires are the dirtiest part of a car.

Get the surface of the car ready

Now that you have washed the car, you have to get the surface ready. You can now easily see the blemishes, the scratches, and swirls on the surface of the car as it is now cleaned and clear. You ought to run your hand on the surface and you will feel the bonded contaminants on it. They are going to stay that way because they are stuck. If you want to remove these tough stains and blemishes, you can apply a clay bar on the surface, which will eject these hard-to-go spots. If you can pair up the process with wax, it will be best to make the surface shine.


While you can remove the stains, it is hard to expel the scratches. However, they are not that hard as they might appear to be. You have to buy elbow grease from the market, apply it on the scratches and scuffs to cover them. If they don’t work, you can use a repair compound to remove the scratches from the surfaces. Apply the compound two to three times to make the scratches vanish completely.

Remember that this method is for smaller scratches. If you spot a deeper scratch that won’t go away with the grease or wax, you can take the car to the garage to give it a little paint touch-up. A matching paint will be the best solution to clean off your car. If the scratch is deep enough to touch the metal, you may need to add a primer to the paint color. Three layers of it will do the work for you.

Polish the car

When you are done with the washing and greasing, you can go on to polish your vehicle to have glossy look that gives the paint of your car a near mirror-like look. You can apply the polish by hand or by an electric polisher.

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