4 Steps to take in care for your headband wig

by Kenny Wallace

One of the things many people forget to figure out when buying a wig is ensuring that they have the right products to take care of them. Many of these wigs will only last you as long as you care for them. If you have a headband wig, you must learn how to care for it. It will make the wig stay looking good as new, and you will look neat as well. Here are a couple of pointers when you want to care for your headband wig.

Cleaning the wig

The most important thing you need to do when caring for your wig is keeping it clean. Different people have different ways they go about this, but these are the main pointers that will help when you are cleaning your wig.

1. The products

There are so many products in the market that you might be spoilt for choice. Where you cannot figure out what works for you, it is recommended you use the products you use to clean your natural hair. Get your shampoo and conditioner and use them to clean up your wig the same what you would clean your hair. There are also special wig washing shampoos in the market that will come in handy for you should you need them.

2. The water

Since you might have been wearing your wig for a while now, chances are the wig has gathered a lot of buildups. The best way to go about this is to use warm water, as it is known to melt any oil and make them separate from your wig. You might have to change your water several times during your wash, depending on how dirty the wig is. Once you are done washing it, give it a final rinse in warm water to help you freshen up the fibers.

3. Use the right comb

To ensure you get all the dirt and buildup from your wig, you need to comb through the wig. A wide-toothed comb is recommended as it will not pull on the fibers of the wig. Ensure you comb through as you are washing the wig and after you rinse it to detangle any fibers that might have stuck together during washing.

4. Drying the wig

Once you are done washing the wig, dry it on a flat surface. It will go to great lengths to ensure your wig dries completely and does not detangle while at it.

Additional care tips

Other than washing your wig, you also need to take care of it while wearing it to ensure it stays looking new. Ensure you oil your wig with essential oil and brush through it before you wear it, as this will prevent the wig from detangling. It is also advised that you take the wig off when you go to sleep to ensure it does not entangle up.


How long your wig lasts will depend on the care you accord it, ensure you take care of your wig to keep it looking good. The good thing is that the care tips are not so complex, and you can do it on your own.

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