Excellent Hidintech Phone controlled power outlet

by Kenny Wallace

Hidintech has all your modern dream house needs. They have products and unique services that pinpoint their mission and responsibilities. Phone controlled power outlet┬átakes traditional sockets and smart outlets while enabling impeccable lighting inside the house. Their lighting and relative features will make your life convenient, so let’s see how:

Why choose phone-controlled power outlet:

In-wall smart outlets have all the hype nowadays as they take a simple problem, find a solution, and advance it to new comfort levels. The whole setup is quick to install and easy to kickstart without much hassle. You can control and change the power with just a click through their app anywhere when you are out while traveling. Have you ever been worried that you left the lights on? Afraid they will drain their energy with extra bills on the side? No more as you will always have control.

Hidintech Safety:

No one takes safety as seriously as Hidintech. Their team of professional work to make your life peaceful and smooth. Let’s see some of their luxurious features:

  • Comes with a premium circuitry and custom USB charging
  • OEM & ODM
  • There is no low threshold quantity request for the stock outlet
  • Extensive customized name on the power output
  • Low smart wall outputs at affordable price
  • 12 months
  • Short lead time
  • High-quality Wi-Fi outlet (It is ETL certificated)

Intelligent control:

Now you can control your appliances with a touch on your mobile. The app system is not difficult to understand, making it extremely user friendly.

  • Portable USB port
  • TR design
  • Recessed wireless wall receptacle
  • Three Pin duplexes indoor with a USB charger
  • LED indicators
  • Quick delivery and end of sale opportunity
  • Protection clarity

Double power design and speaker:

This durable remote-control outlet comes with an in-point technology that sets it apart from the rest. The dual power buttons can be controlled separately, allowing you more room to relax. Furthermore, if you feel lazy after a tough day, use the voice control panel to control the lights. The smart outlet can feature Google home with Amazon Alexa and lastly, easily enables IFTTT. At night use the voice controls to command Alexa, allowing you to turn off the lights without getting up.

Just say Amazon open the living room sockets and boom, your work is done. Sit back and enjoy it!

Premium Child protection:

Child protection and safety is a must, and hidintech does well to showcase it. It comes with four pillar protection to keep kids secure. Some of their properties include:

  • Steady remote-controlled socket with portable plugs
  • Overvoltage safety
  • Short circuit protection
  • higher temperature protection
  • Overcurrent security

Durable, fireproof material:

The first thing that matters in modern home gadgets is the material. The source is a high-quality fireproof retardant material that keeps working in the long run. Moreover, for child protection, the sockets have a nylon coating for guaranteed protection. Every household power with Wi-Fi constant outlet is controlled with a quick charging facility. The three gang Wi-Fi wall socket is meant to give you the comfort you deserve.

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