How to Plan for Halloween 2020?

by Kenny Wallace

The one thing you won’t hear anyone talking about is Halloween 2020. We are two months away from this year’s Halloween, and for many people, this is probably the last thing on their minds.

But should it be the last thing on our minds, or is it something to start thinking and planning this early in the year?

Well, we believe it is the right time to start planning this year’s Halloween. 

Why start planning now?

There are several reasons why this is important. Let’s start with the most obvious reason – children feel the coronavirus pandemic burden, but often don’t show that. They also know that there is something concerning and the same as adults they worry too.

Dressing up for Halloween is the perfect way for them to relax and go into their fantasy mode, even if it is for just one night. It is a psychological moment here that can have a very positive impact on the children.

The second most important thing is safety. Nowadays, there are safety protocols and measures for almost any occasion and event. Yet, there aren’t any for holidays such as Halloween. So it is up to the parents to make sure that the kids are protected at all times. 

How to protect your kid?

Many folks will leave the chocolates and treats in front of their doors and wave the little ones from inside. However, you never know when you come across someone with a more liberal policy and will give candies and treat personally to every kid that comes.

That is why you need to make sure that the child is well protected.

To that end, you can choose a costume that covers most parts of the child’s body. Whether it is a batman, spiderman, Elza from frozen, or a panda costume, make sure that it covers as much skin as possible. 

Suppose the costume covers the child’s face and hands great. If not, you can always make a matching face mask and gloves. If you plan to escort your kid, you must wear a mask and gloves as well.

How to Protect Your Budget?

The world is in a recession, and many people are left without a job, got a pay cut, are working just part-time, or other factors increase their living costs. In any case, the point is money is tight for millions of people worldwide, not just the US.

So, if you plan to celebrate Halloween with your child and make the most of it, you can do some things that will save you money. That’s compared to if you were shopping a week or a few days before Halloween.

  • Search for candy deals. Large chain markets regularly offer discounts for all sorts of candy. So stay vigilant and jump on the opportunity when it appears. 
  • Buy a costume. Don’t wait the last minute to buy one as prices will likely grow further down the road.
  • Identify a farm from where you can buy pumpkins. You don’t need to buy them yet, but a week or two before the holiday is best. Plus, buying from a local farm is way cheaper than buying pumpkins from a market.

All in All

2020 is not like any other year, and the pandemic has been a game-changer. The simple fact is that we will all have to live with the virus for some time around us. But that doesn’t mean we cannot proceed with our traditions and customs while being safe. Our recommendations here are not part of any protocol or anything like that but based on common sense.

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