The amazing benefits of owning a Tanto

by Kenny Wallace

Tanto has a strong shape and style. A tanto blade is sharp and it has an angled tip that is just like the point of a chisel. The chisel tip angles may vary from being swept back to having a steeper shape. The angles can greatly impact the overall strength of the tip. Many of the tanto blades have little up-sweep over the main edge. This gives room to the argument that tanto blades are not meant to slice. The problem is not with the blade but with the angle and the technique. Overall, a tanto makes a snazzy blade that you can keep at home to impress your guests and may also use to train yourself. If you want to buy one to adorn your guest room with a tanto, follow the link:

The design of the Tanto blade

The traditional design of the tanto blade is inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition. The design had absolute simplicity. The length of the blade was between 10 and 12 inches. There were no sharp tips that the modern tanto blade has now. Instead of the sharp angles, the blades had trailing edges with classic points.

While maintaining the traditional design, there were some variations in the tanto design. Some samurai carried tanto blades that were a bit curved than the others. Some were less curved than the others while some of blades were embellished with grooves.

Just like wakizashi, tanto too had a secondary status to the katana or any other sword that had a longer blade. The main use of tanto was to puncture the enemy. Tanto blades were hardened to make them tough.

Uses of tanto blade

The tanto was used in enclosed spaces where the katana was impossible to use. The warriors could easily use it to puncture the armor of the opponent to weaken his position. However, with the advancements in weapon technology, the swords are no longer used in fighting with the enemy and subduing them. Still, the style and the look of tanto has given it the popularity it possesses. The samurais used it to poke the opponent which makes it an ideal sword to practice martial arts.

Benefits of using tanto blade

One of the major benefits of using a tanto blade is that it has a powerful tip, which is designed to puncture while you stick it out into hard materials such as armors. This makes tanto useful to carry out some daily tasks. A stronger tip of tanto makes it useful for rough tasks. The front blade is useful to puncture while the longer blade is useful for slicing tasks.

You can sharpen it as well but it is not an easy venture. As the blade is aggressive, you ought to take extra care. However, you can do it with good practice and a bit of extra care. Don’t remove too much of the rust from the tip. First, sharpen the long edge. Keep the blade perpendicular to the stone that you are using to sharpen the blade. Sharpen the tip at the end.

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