Six Ways to keep your parking lot safe

by Kenny Wallace

When it comes to parking lot safety, you have to consider both motorists and pedestrians. You have to ask yourself these questions. Are motorists safe while driving around the parking lot? Are pedestrians safe walking around the parking? Is the parking lot safe from crime? Below are six ways to mitigate these problems and ensure the parking lot is secure and safe’

Good Lighting 

Good parking lot lighting is paramount when it comes to parking lot safety. Lighting will minimize the risk of any accidents for both drivers and pedestrians. Eliminating dark corners discourages crime like vandalism, theft, etc. Repair and occasional lighting maintenance also help in improving the parking lot safety.

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance tools play a vital role in parking lot safety. Some of the surveillance tools include;

  • CCTV cameras, the presence of these will deter individuals from engaging in illicit activity. Cameras also help monitor the flow of traffic and pedestrians.
  • VASS, commonly known as Voice Activated Security System, uses voice technology to divert camera attention to a commotion or screaming.
  • Motion detectors alert the security personnel by sounding an alarm if they detect any commotion.Motion detectors contain motion sensors that detect infrared heat. 

Use of signage 

Communication is also key to a safer parking lot. Signages can communicate the direction and give instructions to drivers and pedestrians. Use signage to communicate warnings to criminals. Install signages in a clear line of sight to communicate instructions or warnings to the lot users.

Designated access control

Installing access control for vehicles and pedestrians will be instrumental in parking lot safety. Install security gates, lowering and raising barriers to control motorists and pedestrians. Install other access and pedestrian walks from drivers will reduce the risk of accidents. This will make it easier to control and monitor all activities at the parking lot.

Security guard patrols

 Hire well trained and competent security guards to patrol your parking lot. Patrol guards enforce the safety measures put in place, such as motorists using entry points for an exit, parking on the unauthorized spots, and reporting damages for repairs. The presence of security guards will prevent crime. In the case of a crime, they can respond promptly. Security personnel can serve as escorts to escort people to where they are going or escort them to their cars at night.

Install emergency telephones and panic buttons 

Emergency tools like phone and panic buttons ensure that response time is prompt in case of an emergence. Emergency phones help in providing direct communication to the security personnel for help. Punic buttons will set off an alarm close to where assistance is required prompting attention to the user requiring assistance.

Using the right precaution and safety measures, your parking lot can become safe for pedestrians and motorists. The above tips help ensure that pedestrians are safe, and no criminal activities are taking place in your parking lot. These measures can apply to your home parking lot or your institution’s parking lot. Let us keep each other safe. source:

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