Guide to Choosing a Terrarium Container

by Kenny Wallace

Finding an appropriate terrarium container might not be an easy task. That is because of the different options you have. Nevertheless, you can make the process to be exciting. You can find some that are transparent, some translucent, and some made of different materials. The truth is that when creating a terrarium, the most important thing is to find the right terrarium container. Experts recommend Wardian Terrarium Containers due to their durability. You can even convert your glass container or big jar into one.

Although you need the perfect terrarium container, this does not mean that it should be expensive. Rather, there are certain qualities you ought to consider.


Nowadays, you can find both sealed and unsealed terrariums. You should decide what works best for you. Do you want an airtight terrarium? There is a need to first understand the benefits of each. It is advisable to consider the style you should prefer before you choosing the container. Some containers are easier to seal, whereas others are difficult to seal. Whether it is a sealed or unsealed container, its qualities matter most.


Terrarium containers should be made of transparent and non-reactive materials. That explains why most containers are made of plastic and glass. However, that does not mean you cannot make your terrarium from a cardboard box. With such a terrarium, you cannot see through unless you open it. Moreover, since it is a reactive material, it will rot quickly.

Another commonly used material is ceramic or clay. The material is non-reactive but not transparent. Therefore, you should consider terrarium containers made of plastic and glass. The good thing about a colorless material is that it gives you a clear view. On the other hand, colored materials filter out the light.

Glass terrariums are simply the best. That is because they have a few downsides, such as being fragile. They are easy to maintain as you only need to wipe the glass before you use it. Ensure you wash your container thoroughly before you use it.

Plastic terrariums are quite common. However, you should note that plastic is quite dangerous in certain situations. For instance, it can leach chemicals. You do not want leached chemicals to get into your small ecosystem. When it comes to a terrarium, you are less likely to note such effects because of the small size of the container. In addition, it takes many years for harmful effects to occur. Remember that plants are less affected than animals.

Shape and Size

Terrariums are available in different shapes and sizes. You can find a small vial of moss and an entire greenhouse. The truth is that there are no rules pertaining to the shape and size of the terrarium container you use. However, you need to be realistic when choosing one. Although bigger ones are considered to be healthier and better than their smaller counterparts, there are other things to consider. The shape is not important, but it should allow light to get in. Moreover, it should be tall to accommodate your full-grown plants. Always remember to prune your terrarium containers.

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