Benefits Of Chlorine-Free Disposable Overnight Diapers

by Kenny Wallace

As any mother will tell you, taking care of a newborn baby is no walk in the park. Due to their heightened fragility, the future of babies rests entirely upon the parents and their ability to be excellent caregivers. First, babies will rarely fall asleep if they are uncomfortable, which usually means wet and soggy diapers. The result? A night (or multiple nights) of endless crying that will leave you fatigued and looking worn out the next morning. Thus, to keep your baby sleeping well, it is vital to find the best overnight baby diapers guaranteed to keep the infant dry and comfy for six or more hours. Let’s focus on the advantages of chlorine-free disposable overnight diapers.

The advantages of chlorine-free disposable overnight diapers

There are many types of diapers that parents can choose from, including traditional cloth versions as well as disposable diapers. Bearing in mind that washing and bleaching conventional cloth diapers harm the environment more, it is safer to purchase biodegradable and chlorine-free disposable overnight diapers. Here are the advantages of chlorine-free disposable overnight diapers:

  • Minimized health risks

Although a majority of disposable diapers contain fragrances, lotions, phthalates, and petroleum-based dyes, you can still find relatively chemical-free brands. Keep in mind that a newborn’s skin is ultrasensitive, and can quickly develop dermatitis and skin rashes. In the extreme, certain chemicals in disposable diapers have been linked to nerve impairment, cancer, asthma, and ADHD. However, chlorine-free disposable overnight diapers are guaranteed to keep your baby sleeping well through the night.

  • A greener and a cleaner planet

Whereas conventional disposable diapers contain large quantities of non-biodegradable plastic, many chlorine-free brands contain partially biodegradable natural ingredients that can be disposed of safely.

  • Babies that are not bleached

Conventional diapers are crafted from wood pulp that is absorbent but also contains chlorine. In many instances, a majority of cloth diapers must be bleached before they can be reused on a baby. Chlorine harms the environment, and even small amounts of the chemical can leach into a baby’s bloodstream through the pores. It is best to use chlorine-free disposable overnight diapers to keep your baby sleeping well.

Understanding the gel balls inside diapers

 Inside of a majority of diapers from well-known brands is white crystals designed to provide absorbency. When a diaper accidentally breaks apart, the white crystals may stick to your baby’s skin, raising concerns over the safety of the gel balls. You should know that the gel beads are manufactured from highly absorbent polymers based mainly on sodium polyacrylate. This same compound is used to help the soil retain water during gardening. One can also buy sodium polyacrylate from cosmetics and hardware stores since it is considered harmless. It works by absorbing hundreds of times its own weight in water, eventually turning into a gel. However, once the gel is formed, it cannot be squeezed to force out water. This makes the chemical perfect for use in diapers to keep your baby sleeping well.


Disposable overnight diapers are an incredible invention that helps to keep your baby sleeping well at night. Choose a diaper brand that contains zero chlorine content.

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