Essential materials to consider for your vanity cover

by Kenny Wallace

Moving into a new house or remodeling can be grueling, but there is always one or two aspects of it that we anticipate. These interesting aspects are mostly subjective. For some, designing their living space or bedroom is the light that keeps them going through the tunnel. For others, it is the details like what tone to paint to the kitchen or what type of cover to use for the bathroom vanity.

We have all been on either side at some point, and can all agree that the kitchen and bathroom deserve all the attention they get. Notwithstanding, the fact that the counters and Vanity are the attraction points of these two crucial rooms should not take the fun out of the selection process.

To take a little bit of the pressure off, we have compiled the top cover types you might want to consider when getting or revamping your Vanity.


If you have been in many elegant bathrooms, chances are you have come across marble vanity tops. The most common variation of this classic material is in white color with a streak of grey pattern, or black with white stripes. However, the limestone comes in several other beautiful variants.


This hard natural stone will probably be found in 7 of 10 homes in high-brow areas if you take a poll. Granite is so popular because it offers beauty, durability, and options. It can also handle harsh conditions from scratch to heat without showing any form of wear. So what its price is a little bit on the high side, you have forever to enjoy it.

Solid surface

Made from a mix of natural resources like crushed stone and synthetic ones like acrylic resin, this type of top automatically offers you resistance to microbes. Besides, since solid surface top finishes are human-made, they come in the widest variety that can blend with virtually any form of décor.


Quartz offers you most of what granite provides, with some extras. Unlike the latter, which is made from 100% natural stone, quartz vanity covers only contain about 95% quartz. The other 5% are engineered with recycled and synths like pigments and resin to give the elegant contemporary look.


Recycled or tempered, Glass-top vanities are chic! While the former offers colors and hip in the form of well-pressed and bounded recycled glass shards, the latter is less chaotic. Tempered glass covers are known for their ability to add sophistication to even basic spaces.


Practicality is a chief feature that makes laminate a top vanity cover choice. Granted that the material is at the lower end of the spectrum, the modern ones, done right, can mimic even the most expensive ones like granite, marble, and wood. They won’t last you forever but can give you a taste of luxury at a relatively low price.

Reclaimed wood, concrete, stainless steel, and resins are some other great choices.

Final Thought

While fixtures such as mirrors, drawers, and cabinets are pertinent, one other essential part of Vanity is the top. From Marble and Granite to glass, concrete, and even stainless steel and bamboo, materials that can be used to cover vanities vary very widely. We explore some of the top covers above.

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