Amazon Webinar! Learn how to “Work” the system!

by Kenny Wallace

Vincent Zandri went from 30 eBooks a month to 80k in one month. Aaron Patterson sells around $15-20k a month with four titles. J.A. Konrath, CJ Lyons, Joshua Graham and many others. What do all these authors have in common? They all understand how to use Amazon and how to be “Seen.” It is all about exposure. One thing amazon proves is that if you are in front of people you will sell and anyone can learn how to do this.

The next class is all about how to Work the systems that run Amazon. Most if not all bestselling indie authors know how to tag and what all the rankings mean. I will show you how to do it, how to get noticed on amazon. This is key in selling well on Amazon.

If you follow J.A. Konrath he is very open about this. Go HERE to read about what he has to say about Amazon.

“Writers aren’t buying my fiction. They aren’t buying my non-fiction either–I have an eBook called “A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing” and it is among my lowest-selling titles.

The people who buy me are readers, and the vast majority have never heard of me. Readers find me on Amazon, because Amazon has made it easy for my books to be discovered.”

You can do a million things but it is all about being SEEN. and Amazon is the big monkey.

“The majority of my sales come from Amazon and my ability to use the tools they provide. So far I’ve played my cards right. I write fun books with good covers and sell them cheap, I have a lot of virtual shelf space, and readers like my writing.”

“5. Study Amazon and how it sells eBooks. Experiment. Take chances. If one of Amazon’s imprints offers to publish you, accept. Right now they are the only publisher who can increase your sales.”

Convinced yet? Amazon is where it is at, one day that may not be the case but right now it is…so, on Feb. 8th I will drop it all, show you the truth and not hold back on how to game the game. It is one big game people, and if you know how to play you WILL win.

Sign up for both classes as we only have 50 spots so first come first serve. Don’t miss out on this if you care about selling your eBook or book on Amazon. Just to let you know, my sales are up every month, my book Sweet Dreams is 3 years old and sold more in December than it ever has…on a OLD book, this is like 45 in book years, but it is still moving. You can learn this stuff, it is easy, and fun…

That is all.


Learn how to use Amazon to increase sales and build a fan-base!

TIME: 10am-noon and 5pm-7pm *Mountain Time Zone

DATE: Feb. 8th 2012



COST: $50.00

Amazon is the biggest bookstore in the world. They move more product and reach more people than any other bookstore. By understanding how they work and their systems such as tagging, customer recommendations, book lists and the ranking system you can sell more books and be “seen.” We will teach you how to use Amazon and their systems and get them to work for you instead of getting lost in the millions of books and eBooks listed on their site. Stand out and be sold!

To register just click the Paypal button of the time you want and after you pay it will redirect you to a registration page.

Thanks for Tweeting and sharing this link and information. If you know of any other classes you would like to see in the future feel free to comment and let us know what you want to learn.

One last quote from J.A. Konrath, “And feel free to tweet this. It won’t help me sell many eBooks, but it could help your peers.”

About Aaron Patterson:

Aaron is a bestselling author, speaker and founder of StoneHouse Ink. He is on the front of eBook technology and the publishing trends. Aaron speaks with Amazon and is part of ongoing research into new ideas and testing programs to better the author’s experience and the readers enjoyment. He lives in Boise Idaho with his family and loves to drive fast.

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