Are Handmade Japanese Swords Stuff of the Past?

by Kenny Wallace

Handmade Japanese swords have a history delving as far back as the 12th century. As a result of the poor record-keeping skills at the time, the swords might be older. These swords have been used by men for countless years. A true man uses his sword to protect his own and others who might need protection. The Japanese samurai left an almost indelible mark in history. But for this article, we will be discussing handmade Japanese swords. Which by the way are available at

About the Handmade Japanese Swords

The handmade Japanese swords could be said to be the gentleman` weapon of choice. It was said that one of the greatest disrespect to the weapon was to use it for the slaughter of the innocent. A true Japanese samurai armed himself and struck with his sword only as a last resort. At the time, swords were treasures which could not be replaced.

This is why in the samurai society, the swordsmith experts who made the handmade Japanese swords were treated with respect. As long as your sword was up to the standard, you would be valued. The more skilled swordsmith experts are said to have the ability to produce swords that cut through armour with one swing. Marvellous isn`t it? To this effect, people grew so emotionally attached to their swords that they named the swords. Did you know that a curved sword with the name inscribed on the mei side of the katana sword? This is the side facing out.

Are Handmade Japanese Swords Still in Production?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. People from all over are ordering their very own handmade Japanese swords. These swords might not be made with the same type of steel or water or by the same person. However, the legacy of handmade Japanese swords has fully and successfully moved into this century.

Forging of swords was more than just a simple and negligible profession. They believed that whenever one does something to its very pinnacle level it becomes an art of a sort. Thankfully we did not lose such wonderful art during our time.

Can I get a Personalised Handmade Japanese Sword?
You most definitely can. Since we have the sword makers, it would be inevitable that we have access to the swords themselves. You could customise whatever you like about swords. The length of the blade, the handle, the inscriptions can all be crafted to suit you. We have a relatively wide chasm of options before you. Starting from long swords to shorter ones.

Today the most popular handmade Japanese Swords are:

i. The Katana

ii. The Wakizashi

iii. The Tachi and

iv. The Tanto.

These were the traditional handmade Japanese swords and they are still very much in the market today. So getting a personalised version of any of the four swords is a matter of making up your mind.


The original versions of handmade Japanese swords are in museums all over the world. You cannot visit them all. So you might as well bring a customised but almost exact replica to yourself.

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