Keeping Your Vehicle Secured During Night Parking

by Kenny Wallace

Are you on a long road trip and have to park your vehicle at night to get some rest? This can cause a lot of safety concerns for you and your vehicle. When parking at night, you should do some extra measures to make sure you and your vehicle will be secured. Here are some tips that you should follow:

Use a well-lit parking lot

The most obvious solution where you can park safely is to make use of a well-lit parking lot. Choose one with bright parking lot lighting fixtures. This will ensure that your car is visible and will deter thieves from checking out your vehicle.

Traffic flow

When you are parking on the side of the road, make sure that you are facing the direction against the traffic flow. This is because the front of your vehicle has no reflectors on them. It may be hard to see your vehicle is there at night if you are facing the traffic.

Turn off the headlights

When you are parking for a quick nap, make sure that you turn your headlights off. Headlights are not pleasing to the eyes and can irritate any drivers that are coming your way. If visibility is not good where you are parked, you can use your hazard warning lights to alert any vehicle that you are parked in the area.

Do not use footpaths

Some drivers use the footpaths to park in a narrow street. This can be very dangerous for pedestrians who have to walk on the road because your car is on the way. Footpaths are also being used by people who are in wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and walkers. Obstructing their only safe path to move around can be dangerous for these disabled people.

Turn off interior lights

If you are leaving the car, make sure there are no interior lights on – this can easily drain your battery. If you are taking a rest inside the car, make sure that all doors are locked.

Hide your valuables

When leaving your car, take your valuables with you. If this is not possible, do measures to make them less visible. Keep in mind that covering a blanket or jacket over your things still let people know that there is something inside the car.

Show warnings

If you are driving a vehicle that is long like a trailer truck, you should have reflective warning signs or traffic cones around it to warn motorists and other drivers that there is a truck parked in the area. Most trailers do not have reflective materials on their walls so they can be hard to see when there is low visibility.

Note that where you park your vehicle will also affect your insurance later on in case something bad happens. There you have it – tips that you should keep in mind when you have to do some night parking in public. Remember, always park in a well-lit area as much as possible. This avoids collisions with other vehicles and keeps your car in sightNote that where you park your vehicle will also affect your insurance later on in case something bad happens.

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