Shredded memory foam pillow: When should you get one?

by Kenny Wallace

There’s no greater joy than waking up in good health and a clear mind. Many factors contribute to the level of the healthiness of your sleep, your choice of pillows inclusive. It’s understandable if you’re one of those who do not recognize the essence of a good and fluffy pillow. No one likes to wake up with an aching neck or a sharp pain in the back. Going forward, you’d get to know that your pillow plays a considerable role in determining your body posture. A succulent pillow like the shredded memory foam pillow contributes significantly to your general wellbeing. However, not many people see clear signs as regards the need to change their pillows. You could argue that there’s no big deal in using a pillow for years, this couldn’t be more wrong. Once you start to notice certain things, it might just be the right time to get a proper pillow for your convenience. This article looks at some of those signs that point to your need for a new pillow.

Regular muscle pains and cramps

You probably wake up every day with one discomfort or another in segments of your body. While you might want to attribute these cramps to your hectic work schedule, it might be entirely untrue. The pillow is meant to support your head as you sleep; the inability to perform this function leads to cramps. A pillow that’s not firm enough causes more harm than good to your neck muscles. When the pillow does not support the head properly, the neck muscle bears the brunt.

In many cases, your neck muscles are fixed in an uncomfortable position for long periods. All of these lead to an occurrence of stiffness in your neck region and cramps around the neck. These cramps could also extend to the shoulder, back, and even the arm region.

You experience sleepless nights frequently.

You might have had unnecessary interruptions to your sleep many times without necessarily knowing the cause of these interruptions. The use of bad pillows results in interrupted sleep, and it eventually takes a toll on your body system. For some people, interrupted sleep results in high blood pressure, amongst other health conditions. You could also start to notice that your eyes get swollen unnecessarily with a certain level of pain accompanying it.

Blockage of the breathing passage

This is probably the worst-case scenario when it comes to using a damaged or lousy pillow for sleeping. A pillow that’s not firm enough is lively to cave into the weight of your head and eventually become unbalanced. When your head is placed in a diagonal direction that doesn’t aid breathing, it could become dire. There have been many cases of air duct blockages that occur as a result of bad pillows.

Final Thought

If you’re genuinely looking to improve your overall sleep time, the shredded bamboo pillow is your best bet. The pillow is soft, succulent, and it provides the needed support to your neck.

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